Holiday StAPLES

Hi! I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Thanksgiving day, whether you got to spend that with family or just a few close friends this year. We all know what comes after all those full bellies….those Black Friday sales! But hey, overconsumption is not the way to go, so let’s be mindful while shopping this year. It’s so easy to fall trap to those enticing sales, and with everything online this year bad choices are only a click of a button away.

So what’s the best way to make use of Black Friday? Keep focused and shop for some staple pieces that you have been needing in your closet for a while. I like to physically (yes on paper!) make a list of items I absolutely would wear/use 50+ times before I even open up a website to shop. This allows me to not get distracted by meaningless trends that aren’t going to carry out, and keep my eyes on the prize. If you’re looking for some deals on sustainable brands, check out my guide here.

For now, I wanted to share an item that I’ve been loving to spice up my outfits lately, which is the infamous shoulder purse. It’s so chic and classy and immediately takes your outfit to a new level. I’m literally just wearing a cute sweater and jeans if you think about it and this tan JORD bag brought it all together!

JORD is a conscious fashion brand showcasing their new vegan leather handbags. They’re made from a material called “Superhide” which consists of a fusion between durable eco-friendly cork and woven fabric. Just by the feel of it I know the cork is good quality and made to last a lifetime. The insides are lined with red velvet, which protects my belongings, but also holds all my essentials (including that mask and hand sani).

Sustainable fashion is definitely expensive, and I know it isn’t up everyone’s alley. When I started blogging, I wanted to reduce the stigma around what it meant to support sustainable in today’s world, which often meant being rich and white. I’m neither of those things, but have found my own comfort in a space that doesn’t need to rely on fast fashion to be stylish. There are countless ways to be fashionable without harming minority communities, our planet, or exploiting garment workers. I hope that I can play a small part in making sustainability more accessible by giving new brands the chance to showcase their good work.

I’ve been wearing this purse nonstop for weeks, and truly love it so I got a discount code for y’all! Check out this bag here and use the code ANUSHKATYAGI20 for 20% off anything on the site. Happy shopping, and remember – be mindful about it 🙂

xx, Anushka

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