3 Things I Learned in 2019

1. Trust Yourself

This year I took a big step. A step that scared me more than going to college and a step that I’d dreamt about doing for 5 years. I moved to NYC for 2 months knowing only the amount of people I could count on 1 hand. I still remember the feeling I had in my gut when I first landed in Manhattan – the inner mix of “what the hell am I doing” to “I can’t believe this is my life right now.” I spent the greater parts of April and May hustling to make sure that this big dream of mine was going to come true, and regardless of the outcome I trusted myself that I was strong enough to handle whats to come. Throughout my time in the city, I definitely had moments of self-doubt and nostalgia, but of course it takes time and effort to become accustomed into a new place. As my journey came to a close, I realized the amazing moments I had connecting with different souls who became a blessing. I’m beyond grateful for these memories and life lessons my friends in NYC taught me in such a short time; it became evident to me that no matter where we are, there are other people with the same mindset and values just waiting to cross paths with you and change your life. I came back to California mentally stronger in my capabilities, knowing that this feat was just a stepping stone into what’s next to come. 

2. Your vibe attracts your tribe

Every year I grow to understand myself a bit better; in how I aim to live my life, the energies I connect with, and the way I give love. I’ve been at odds with how I connect to certain people, and it’s definitely hurt me in ways I’ve had to grow from. Not everyone aligns with your energy at the same time, and some people have to leave your life in order for you to open your heart to allow others to enter. This year I really came to terms with the beauty that I offer into the world, the laughter that I can contribute and the loyalty and support I hold. I honestly had to realize and shine those qualities confidently for the universe to give me people that truly appreciated them. NYC was a place where I fully embraced the person I am, and noticed that people I vibe with are actually all around me if I take the extra step to embrace them as well. It’s one thing to step away from people that no longer service you in the same ways you do them, but another to forgive them as you move on to deeper soul connections. More about this in my NYC experience here

3. Setbacks don’t undermine your progress

Growing up in a culture of productivity at all times and the over glorification of staying busy, I felt myself getting quite burnt out by the end of this year. It seems that every year I start off biting more than I can chew and by the end I’m too exhausted to handle anymore. This is something I want to continue working on; understanding what a balanced life means to me and sticking to that as I go along. I’ve had setbacks at the end of this year, with health issues and project failures that were unlike any I’d gone through before. If 2 months go bad in the year, I have a tendency to undermine the other amazing 10 months, which is absolutely ridiculous and even more mentally unproductive. Realigning myself to my core values by reading and journaling is what I’d like to continue in this new chapter, as a healthy mind leads to healthy choices about ways to bring about happiness in your life. Despite the day, I will never stop being grateful for what’s passed and what’s yet to come. 

As this decade comes to a close, the next year is going to bring even more change in my life. I’ll be graduating college in May and living out post-grad plans. Another step into adulthood, as I live up my last semester with my college friends and make new ones into the workforce. I wish everyone a safe and exciting New’s Years Eve and holiday season – until next time! 


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