My Third Year of College

This one was a tough, yet beautiful one consisting of a lot of mental and emotional growth. I came to realize the parts of me that truly make me different than others and what I’m willing to compromise and what I absolutely cannot. This was the first time I really lived in the mind and body I was given, as the more time I spent alone the more I became comfortable with my own thoughts and beliefs.

I started off the year meeting some new people, living in an apartment for the first time with my closest friends and truly enjoying the comforts of my own space. After spending a summer in LA, I felt really connected to the city in a unique way. My passions flourished as I continued my job at Reformation, giving me a chance to experience life outside of LMU.

Throughout the semester I began feeling a little lost, as people that I held close to me drifted away, and my goals started shifting directions.

I spent a lot of time letting other people’s actions dictate my emotions, and it took me a while to come to terms that I fully control my own happiness.

As a gemini (lol the true LA side of me comes out), I value human connection deeply, often times maintain unrealistic expectations, and trust others to the point where it can negatively affect me. My first semester was a rollercoaster of navigating through my feelings, but also making me value the people that I really looked up to.

I learned a lot about myself, and the people I wanted to be around during this period. I worked to presently experience every moment I spent with the people I cared about. I tried some crazy new things, lived for myself and nobody else.

Coming into the spring, after time spent at home and a week in Chicago, I had a better understanding of what made me happy. I’m so grateful for Reformation and my lovely colleagues; they gave me opportunities to dive deep into the fashion industry and trusted me to take on leadership roles. It allowed me a chance to experience the “real world” without entirely immersing myself in it, as I was still able to enjoy my life as a college student.

I explored everything in LA that I’ve wanted to go to, with a fresh mindset of nothing holding me back. Some of the best memories I made were in my tiny apartment, or traveling around the city. Pouncing on any opportunity I had to expand my vision as a future entrepreneur; going to trade shows, concerts, fashion shows and just finding myself in the midst of chaos.

Learning to appreciate time with myself was the biggest thing I’ve taken away from this year. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but I found that it’s much more rewarding to spend time with myself than with someone that doesn’t necessarily add to my life.

Surrounding yourself with people that have the same drive and vision as you is so important, but not as important as being your own driving force.

Looking back, I proved my emotional strength to myself, making my dreams come true despite whatever I was going through. I’m so excited to say that I’m spending my summer in New York City working for Reformation, a brand I’m deeply passionate about and a city I’ve always wanted to experience.

As I enter my last year of college, I can’t wait to take in the final bits of what LMU has to offer, so stay tuned for the end of this journey. 


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