It’s summer which means travel season, and if you’re anything like me, no matter how many times I’m traveling I always need to write out a detailed list.

For those of you that follow my Instagram, will know that I just went to the famous city of Chicago! Today I’m sharing some of my own travel essentials for a 4 day trip to the Windy City, and maybe this might help some of you out on your own travel adventures this summer 🙂


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For a 4 day summer trip, I definitely only packed loose comfortable shirts because I knew I would not want to be fidgeting with my top while exploring the city in the humidity. I brought:

  1. Basic white tee — a comfy staple that goes with almost anything
  2. Dressier striped shirt — one of my favorite off the shoulder for the summer
  3. 2 colorful short sleeve tees — good for mixing up with outfits depends on the weather

TIP #1: Plan outfits in advance to keep yourself from overpacking. But still add a few extra clothes for good measure in case you change your mind while you’re there. It seems annoying at first but makes the traveling process so much easier!


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  1. Baby pink mini skirt — alternative to shorts but just as comfy and more put together
  2. Light blue pants — fancier than jeans but super light and airy
  3. Pair of classic ripped denim jeans
  4. Pair of white shorts


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  1. Fancier dress for a night out or a dinner date
  2. Comfy jumpsuit — I wore this on the plane ride it literally feels like pajamas!


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Fun fact: whenever I’m traveling, I almost always bring my denim jacket since it’s a timeless piece that goes with so many different outfits.

  1. Denim jacket
  2. Light brown cardigan — good for those cool summer nights


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  1. Black belt
  2. Small rose gold hoop earrings — I love the hoop earring trend BTW
  3. Simple bracelets
  4. Few gold chokers
  5. Black chokers — I actually made these ones on the right of the photo! Let me know if you’d like to see a post about DIY chokers 🙂


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I decided to keep it simple with the shoes since I knew I’d be walking A LOT around the city.

  1. Dolce Vita slip on sandals — super comfortable and easy to walk in
  2. Black strappy sandals — I wear these all the time so they’re getting pretty worn out, looking for a new pair soon!


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I somehow fit all this stuff in a small suitcase, because of my second handy tip!

TIP #2: Roll all your clothing because you can fit so much more. I used to not do this because I thought it was make my clothes wrinkly, but if you neatly roll them it won’t happen!

Other than that, I definitely remembered to pack toiletries, undergarments, driver’s license and all those other things, and had a blast in Chicago visiting some of my friends from college. I’ll be putting up a blog post specifically about my trip to Chicago soon, so stay tuned!



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