I was never really a fan of layering necklaces, because I’d always keep my focus on my outfit. But lately I’ve been seeing such beautiful necklaces that I realized they can make or break a look! The periwinkle lavender color is something I’ve been buying a lot of, since I think it really compliments people with olive skin tones like me. Centering the focus of a simple pastel top around the jewelry is a wonderful way to play up your spring style while keeping it super comfy.


The ones that I’m wearing are a mixture of H&M pieces bought over a period of time, but that’s what I think the beauty of jewelry is; minimalistic pieces are timeless, and they can be accessorized in countless ways. Scroll down below to see a few of my similar picks!


P.S. I watch the youtuber Aspyn Ovard, and have really been loving the new jewelry additions to her online store called Luca and Grae. It’s added to the similar finds and I’m thinking about doing a blog post on it soon, so stay tuned!


 ♦♦ Lunch date and shopping, or relaxing around town


Necklaces (H&M) ♦♦ Periwinkle or Lavender Shirt (Forever 21) 



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