A note to my high school seniors: I was in your position just one year ago, trying to enjoy my last year before adulthood, but still nervous about what my future held. I applied to 15 colleges, and finished the application process in early December, thinking I was going to be prepared for almost anything. I was not, because there was no way I could have been.

November of 2015, while I was working my shift at this thrift store in Los Gatos, I came across a keychain that said “Loyola Marymount University.” At that time, I sent a photo to my friends saying “I applied here! But probably won’t go to this school.” Little did I know, that was where I’d end up committing on May 1, 2016, and I couldn’t be happier I made that decision.

After almost a year into college, I thought I’d share the reasons I love LMU, maybe helping a few who are currently deciding where to spend the new four years. 

  1. Medium class sizes: LMU has medium sized classes, making it easy for the professor to know my name and give me effective help during office hours. This was so important for me, because ultimately I’m at college for an education, and I knew that I could not work in an environment where I wasn’t held accountable for my actions.
  2. Location: The place where you go to college will most likely be the place you get internships,  and possibly your first job. I knew I wanted to do something in Business after college, so Los Angeles was the best place for me. Also, I wanted to be in a city, and LMU’s close proximity has already offered so many opportunities for me to explore.
  3. Community: LMU’s medium sized campus has been a perfect fit for me, as I’ve noticed that school can get really rough if your campus doesn’t have opportunities to get their students involved. I really like how at LMU I can walk across campus and see people I know as well as new people every single day; it really affects my mood and happiness.
  4. Private school: I know the sticker price was high, but private schools offer a lot of scholarships and ways to work on campus. I currently work two jobs on campus, and although it can be rough at times, it has really taught me proper work ethic, as well as time and money management.
  5. Liberal Arts Education: This sounded like career suicide in the area I grew up, because people think that a liberal arts education means that you only take traditional liberal arts classes (English, History, Art). This is absolutely wrong! A liberal arts education means that you take classes varying from a wide variety of subjects, ultimately making you a more well-informed and knowledgable citizen. I can guarantee that I’ve learned more about the world around me from these classes than any other I’ve taken this year.
  6. How to handle failure: I know that this is a skill that can be obtained at any college or time in your life, but I’m grateful that LMU provides a lot of opportunities for me to succeed as well as fail. It’s constantly giving me a reality check on how the real world operates, because I’m always around people who always push me to improve my skills. It does suck at first, but ultimately I’m glad LMU fosters an environment where I’m not afraid to fall.
  7. Campus: When I visited a year ago, I fell in love with the beautiful campus. I pictured myself reading on the bluff with a view of LA, walking to class under the palm trees, and being dunked in the fountain on my birthday (LMU tradition!). Every single day I’m in awe at how beautiful, safe, and comfortable my campus is; it’s my second home.

During the application process, I never thought I’d be attending this university, and there were so many times where I doubted my decision at first. The biggest lesson I learned was to be open minded, and accept that what I know is best for me isn’t always equivalent to what others tell me. 

I hope learning more about my college story was helpful for some, and I wish everyone who is going through the college app process good luck! 

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